• Around the « La Renardière » area, the nature is superb. Departing from the house, you can make some beautiful walks or use bicycle circuits through fields and woods, with or without a topographical map.

  • The Hautes Fagnes nature reserve and special trails in part on wooden duckboards, the ground being very marshy, gives a good idea of the physiognomy of a good part of Europe in the past.

  • Malmedy, known for its famous Carnival (with its "Haguètes"), its Cathedral and its Museum, the Malmundarium where the visitor has the choice to discover the past and the present of Malmedy, its folklore and its region.

  • The Baugniez 44 Historical Centre (three kilometres from “La Renardière”): in order to perpetuate the memory of the battle of the Ardennes, the museum features the last major operations and battles that were being held during the German offensive in 1944.

  • The town of Stavelot and its Abbey, its Carnival of the Laetare (with its "Blancs Moussis") and its numerous exhibitions, museums and art galleries.

  • The town of Spa, the casino, the water fountains (sources), its thermal baths, its historical buildings and the “Royal Golf Club des Fagnes”, the finest golf course of the Ardennes.

  • The Reinhardstein Castle (access inside the castle only during guided tours) and the beautiful walks around the Lake of Robertville.

  • At Recht lies an old shale mine that is worth visiting. It is interesting to discover how the shale was extracted from the ground in the region. Watch the short documentary film first before descending into the mine.

  • The ancient town of Monschau (Montjoie) just across the German border. For a taste of delicacies and fine German wines, go to the 'Senftmuhle'.

  • Aachen, just 40 minutes away from Malmedy.




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